Saturday, June 13, 2009

New Card Design


Hey guys just wanted to show one of the cards in a new series I'm working on which will consist of women of various shades. The series will be a limited edition of ten and will retail for ten dollars. I also plan to have a drawing giving away a set. Check back for more information on the completion of the cards and the drawing.

Beautiful Day!


Today's a beautiful day, Went to the post office early this morning to mail an order. Will be painting some Woodinhead dolls today. I love painting these sweet dolls, got five to do three sister and a brother and sister set.

Took a few pictures of my Woodinhead Dolls outside. I also have a few pictures to share with you guys, one is the Tennessee Titian Stadium and the other is a clemetine vine I think it spelled correctly.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Three Friends


Hand drawn card of three friends outside. This card was really fun to design. To create this card I used prismacolor pencils and pens.
Card was printed on 110lb cardstock paper and comes with a matching envelope package in a clear pastic envelope.
My next venture will be to create a set of cards for a new or expecting mother that can be given as an extra gift at a baby shower.
Mom's will be able to use these cards for thank you notes or they can have them framed for baby's nursery.

Tickled Pink Girls


These 3x3 mini note cards were custom designed for Mary the designer behind Tickled Pink Girls a shop that specializes in little girl's boutique clothes.
I love designing cards for shop owner to use as thank you cards. Mary uses these mini notes to thank her customer for shopping with her.

Sweet Little Dress


These cards were custom designed for The Handmaiden's Cottage, which can be found on This is one of Lynn's beautiful creations.



This weekend I will be mailing out some orders and completing a few orders. I also plan to do a little work on my etsy site and add some additional cards and Woodinhead Dolly's. I'm starting to get a little busy with orders from friends.

I'm excited about that, because art is what I love to spend my time working on. I set up a facebook account so I can get more exposure. Wish me luck. Kara got into the magnet school I had chosen for her, she had been on the waiting list. So happy about that!