Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Shops I Adore: The Handmaiden's Cottage

I'm excited to introduce Lynn Jeffries the creator behind The Handmaiden's Cottage. The Handmaiden's Cottage is a shop that I personally have shopped and have fell in love with the beautiful creations I' ve purchased for myself and my daughter. If your looking for something unique and beautiful visit The Handmaiden's Cottage.

-Tell us a little about yourself? I'm Lynn and I love living the creative life! I am inspired by our little cottage that sits on over two acres only a stone's throw away from the City limits of our small community. I grew up in the country near my Grandparent's dairy farm only five miles away from where I live now. I have managed to travel a little in between!I have a liberal arts degree from a Jesuit University and my career was in finance. I am so lucky to have found my true passion now. I've been doing all types of needlework since I was a child and feel like I've finally "come home."I am a volunteer Master Gardener (well the "Master" part is quite a stretch) through the Ohio State University Extension Office in our area and gardening is also one of my great loves, especially flower gardening. My mother (whom I dearly miss) had a very, very green thumb! More stuff: I am the mother of twins and the grandmother of three precious children: Brianna (6), Alivia (2) and Noah, 7 months. I share my life and home with a wonderful man, Brad, an Architect, who is so creative in his right and so very supportive in my work.

_Tell us about your shop: when did you open? What type of item do you sell? I joined Etsy in May of 2008, but didn’t start selling until the end of September. When I say in my shop profile, “that you never know what will be in my shop next”, I sincerely mean it. I love the design process, so I’m constantly thinking of new things I’d like to do and trying them out. The main items I sell are aprons and little girls’ dresses. I also make quilts and sell fabric.

_Do you remember the first item you made and sold?I absolutely remember the first item I sold. It was a little girl’s pinafore and I sold it to another Etsy seller, Shannon, from GoldilocksBarrettes and I must say, that she was so nice and so encouraging that it really gave me the confidence to keep going. I’ll never forget her.

_How did you come up with your shop name? Well, the “Cottage” part is easy to explain…that’s the style of our home. There’s a little more to the “Handmaiden” part. I guess the simplest way of putting it is that it’s a dedication to Mary, the ultimate “Mother” in my eyes and to remind me everyday that I am in service to God and others through my work. I believe that God, working through the Universe, is the source of my creativity.

_Why did you decide to become an Etsy seller? I love selling on Etsy because it is one place where your creative efforts are so appreciated. So many creative people making so many beautiful and inventive things…I feel like I am in such great company. Etsy is more than just a place to sell things, it’s a place to meet people and make friends, too.

To see more of Lynn's beautiful creations http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5910219

Be sure to check out her sold listings if your looking for something unique.

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